With Katie Hudson

Venue: StageCoach Theatre Company office, 44121 Harry Byrd Highway (Rt.7) Suite 240, Ashburn, VA 20147 (upstairs from Coney Island Diner)

Cost: $25 per person

Have you wanted to audition for a professional play, but aren’t sure how to prepare a monologue?  Do you know where to look for monologue resources?  How do you choose a monologue that is appropriate to your age and character type?  What if you’re auditioning for a period piece?  How do you edit a monologue, if necessary?   Learn how to find and prepare monologues, how to build a comprehensive collection of monologues, and how to get the best performance from your monologue!

What to bring/prepare:

– Bring a copy of each monologue you would like to work on. Please make sure that monologues come from a published play. Ideally, you will bring 2 contrasting monologues that take no longer than 3 minutes TOTAL to perform. Memorization of these two monologues prior to our workshop will make your time in class the most beneficial.

What to expect:

– An overview on what to consider when putting together your collection of monologues
– Tips on how to find and select monologues suitable to you
– Tips on editing monologues
– Tips on how to prepare and give the best performance
– Performance time and feedback. Those who don’t come with a monologue will be provided samples as cold readings.

Call or email now to reserve your seat at the workshop.

(571) 477-9444 or info@stagecoachtc.com

Katie Hudson’s passion for theatre started at a young age performing with local theatres such as Growing Stage, Pickwick Players, and Sterling Playmakers. During her young adult career, she studied Musical Theatre at an advanced level and, by her senior year in high school, taught her first class as a Teacher’s Aid for a freshman Basic Acting class. During her collegiate years, she performed in main stage shows such as Medea, Romeo and Juliet, Ice Wolf, Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Speed of Darkness. She also followed the path of teaching by directing studio shows such as Bringing All Back Home, Sight Unseen, and Reckless. Katie graduated from Radford University with her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre with a focus in both Performance and Directing. Katie has worked as a Stage Manager, Director of a Theatre Department and as a Director of an After-School Program. With a firm belief that everyone is a singer and everyone is an actor, Katie strives to find pieces that both fit the need of the individual student’s learning process and challenge them to take their skills to the next level yet give them the confidence they need to push them farther.


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