With Mike Young

Venue: StageCoach Theatre Company office, 44121 Harry Byrd Highway, Suite 240, Ashburn, VA 20147

Workshop Cost: $30

Interactive Scripted Theatre provides a unique challenge for actors. How do you bring the audience into the play and make them part of the world of the show? How do you deal with the inherent instability and chaos caused by audience interactions? What can you do to keep the script from completely going off the rails? This class will teach how to use improv theatre techniques to enhance audience interactions and keep the show running smoothly.

Improv experience is recommended but not required. This would be the perfect class to take if you are interested in acting in our murder mysteries but have only performed in stage productions.

To register for this workshop, call 571-477-9444 or email info@stagecoachtc.com.


Mike Young has more than 15 years experience performing and teaching improv comedy. He has performed with a number of local improv troupes, including Mprov, Screaming Puppets, Improv Now!, and The Improper Imps of Improv. Mike has performed improv comedy at such lofty venues as The Kennedy Center, Center Stage, The Lyric Opera House, and The National Theater. He has experience teaching beginner and intermediate improv for The Laurel Mill Playhouse.


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