Private Lessons

Arranged by appointment

Are you preparing for an important presentation at school or work? Would you like some individual coaching as you rehearse for an audition or interview? Perhaps you’ve been “volunteered” to produce next season’s show. Our instructors will meet with you to address your concerns and provide you with a confident way forward. We can help with:

  • Public speaking
  • Audition preparation
  • Monologues and Acting
  • Musical Theatre preparation
  • Job or school interviews
  • Producing a show or event
  • Or any other similar activities

Cost: $60 per hour or 4 sessions of 1 hour each for $210. Share the session with a friend for an additional $20/lesson. Maximum 2 students for focused attention.

Vocal Coaching

During lessons, 15 minutes are spent on warming up and vocal technique while the remainder of class is spent on applying these techniques to a song. Students will be given sheet music for this song and be expected to bring it in every class as well as their Voice Log book in which vocal warm-ups and notes will be recorded.

Odyssey of the Mind

StageCoach Theatre Company has the ability and experience to provide assistance to Odyssey of the Mind groups on theatrical based challenges. Following the rules and guidelines of the challenge, we will not provide individual advice on the project at hand, but assist in needed skills on Improvisation, Set and Desgin on a Budget, Script Writing, Story Structure, and Basic Theatrical knowledge and skills. Minimum number of students to start a class is 4 and maximum is 7 for a 1-hour class at the rate of $70 per class. Each additional student over 7 can be taught at a rate of $10 per student. In order to best fit the needs of each individual group, it is important for the coach of the team to contact StageCoach Theatre Company at least 2 weeks in advance to let us know what type of master class should be provided for your group.

Contact us at 571-477-9444 or email to arrange your sessions.

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