Jack and Jill and the Witching Well

Written and Directed by Joe Campanella

Produced by Jerri Wiseman

Musical Direction by Amy Lindsay Litteral

Everyone knows the story of Jack and Jill, but do you know what happened the NEXT time they went up the hill?  In this play they discover that the village well has mysteriously gone dry.  The kids investigate, and they find a trio of witch sisters who have stolen all the water!  Now it’s up to Jack and Jill to outwit the witches and save their village!  This warm and funny musical will appeal to the whole family.

Auditions will be held on

Saturday, October 16 from 3:00 – 5:00pm at StageCoach Theatre, 20937 Ashburn Road, Suites 115 and 120, Ashburn, VA

Tuesday, October 19 from 6:30 – 8:30pm at INMED Opportunity Center, 21630 Ridgetop Cir #130, Sterling, VA 20166

Those wishing to audition should sign up for an audition slot here, complete an audition form here, and send their resume and headshot to info@stagecoachtc.com with the subject line “Jack and Jill and the Witching Well – (your name)”.

Audition will consist of (Spaced out in 10 min intervals):

  • Singing a song from the songs on this list
  • Posted readings – pick a monologue from this list

Seven performances will be held from January 22 – February 5, 2022 at StageCoach Theatre in Ashburn, VA. Rehearsals will be held there or at INMED Center on Ridgetop Circle in Sterling. Readthrough of the script will be on October 27. Rehearsals will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings beginning October 28th. Everyone cast will need to be at ALL performances and at ALL rehearsals during the two weeks prior to opening. 



If you don’t match the listed age, that’s okay.  You might still be cast in the role if you LOOK the right age.

NARRATOR (Male or female, any age.)

JACK (Male, age 10-12.)

JILL (Female, age 10-12.)

WENDY (Female, adult.  Mother to JACK and JILL.)

ARTHUR (Male, adult.  Father to JACK and JILL.)

MARY (Female, age 10-12.  Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.  Indecisive.)

BO PEEP (Female, age 10-12.)

ELLEN (Female, adult.  Mother Hubbard.)

CLARA (Female, adult.  The Woman Who Lives in a Shoe.)

MAUREEN/WITCH (Female, adult or teen.  Leader of the Water Witches.  The sensible one.)

CELINE/WITCH (Female, adult or teen.  One of the Water Witches.  The grumpy one.)

FLO/WITCH (Female, age 10-18.  One of the Water Witches.  The silly one.)

UNDINAH (Female, age 10-18.  A water sprite, dressed in flowing silver and blue.  Servant to the Witches.  Cannot speak but understands some English.  Friendly, sweet, graceful.  Strongly expressive in face and posture.)

BOY BLUE (Male, age 10-12.)

JACK HORNER (Male, age 10-12.)

MISS MUFFET (Female, age 10-18.)

SIMPLE SIMON (Male, adult or teen.)

JACK SPRAT (Male, adult.)

MRS. SPRAT (Female, adult.)

THE BUTCHER (Male, adult or teen.)

THE BAKER (Male, adult or teen.)

THE CANDLESTICK MAKER (Male, adult or teen.)