Curated by Susanne Miller Jones

Artist Reception

Saturday, March 3 at StageCoach Theatre, 20937 Ashburn Road, Suites 115 and 120, Ashburn, VA 20147

5:00 – 6:00pm Free Admission

We have a Music Concert that evening with Joshua Rich. Please stay for this entertaining show! More details here.


You studied history. Come and view HERstory. Throughout history women struggled to have a voice and we got it in the USA in 1920, the right to vote. Let’s celebrate the amazing things that women everywhere have accomplished since then. We all have women that we admire who are courageous, intelligent and ground-breakers. This exhibit, by 84 artists from seven countries, includes tributes to women well known to us, as well as those who worked behind the scenes. These quilts celebrate strong women who cracked glass ceilings and those who made discoveries. Women who shook the world by breaking into fields previously reserved for men are commemorated, as are those who were the first to do something before any man. Art quilts honor athletes, authors, artists, aviators and astronauts, business leaders, educators, entertainers, mathematicians, scientists, writers, and world leaders.

Amazing Grace by Dena Brannen

Aretha by Jeanne Knudsen

Eleanor Roosevelt by Nancy Hershberger

Field of Hope by Sarah Entsminger

Frances Perkins by Betsy True

Hedy Lamarr by Kerry Faraone

Jackie by Susan Lenz

Malala Yousafzai by Nicki Allen

Mary Oliver: Poetic Inspirations by Barbara Dove

May I Take Off My Hat? by Susanne Miller Jones

Ruby Bridges, Age 6, 1960 by Willa Downes

She is King by Karla Vernon

Stephanie Kwolek by Mary Tims

The ENIAC Programmers by Jayne Gaskins

With the Wind and the Stars by Ricki Selva

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