By Land, By Sea

By Land, By Sea

A Student-Directed Production of the Stage Craft class of Winter/Spring 2018 (Meera Dietrich, Ashley Jackson, Kylie Jackson, Chelsea Levin, and Will Starr under the instruction of Katie Hudson)

Cast members: Gwen Bronder, Jeff Cates, Katie Hudson, Ashley Jackson, Ella Simpson

By Land, By Sea is an original retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic tale of “The Little Mermaid”. Ariella, a moody teenager, desires to be in the sea more than ever. Her father, Octavian, has bigger and better plans for her and he does not approve of her being anywhere near the ocean. Ariella disobeys her father’s wishes and runs to the beach where she meets Gretchen, a sea witch. Gretchen makes a deal with Ariella and gives her what she desires. Under the sea, Ariella meets Derek, the prince of the ocean.

Performance of the show will be held on

June 2nd at 2:00pm

at StageCoach Theatre, 20937 Ashburn Road, Suites 115 and 120, Ashburn.

Tickets will be sold online and at the door for $5/person, general admission.

Get your online tickets here.