StageCoach Theatre Company offers workshops in the performing arts for high school students! Class dates and times will be announced pending venue confirmation.

These are highly interACTive and fun classes taught by seasoned theatre professionals. Acting, singing, dancing, and much more – all in one convenient location.

All ages, minimum of 11 years old.

A minimum of 4 students is required to run any class.


With Katie Hudson

In this two hour session, you will not only gain the confidence to audition but the tips and tricks of the trade as well. During this session, we will discuss and complete exercises on auditioning technique,  choosing material, reading between the lines with audition notices, cold reading techniques, and audition Do’s and Don’ts. Participants are asked to bring in a monologue of their choosing (memorization not needed!) as well as any songs or monologues they may have used in previous auditions. The goal of this class is to get feedback on how to present yourself for an audition!

Skits and Acting

With John Waldron

Students will rehearse scenes and skits to sharpen their acting skills. Practice in monologues and in group scenes will provide a variety of acting opportunities.

Beginner’ Stage Makeup

With Katie Hudson

$20 supply fee. Limited to 5 students.

Musical Theatre

With Katie Hudson

If you are obsessed with musicals, then this is the class for you. Students will learn how to sing ballads and up-tempo songs while you embody the characters within these musical scenes. Expect to act, dance, and sing… all at once!

Heroes and Villains – Creating Characters for the Stage

With John Waldron

Students  in this class will create their own comic strip where they will get to create their own Super Hero or Super Villain. Students will learn how to storyboard their own unique adventure. They will get to design their character with powers and their costume. Joining forces with the other heroes or rising against the villains, these heroes and villains will get to present their exploits for an audience during the final class.


With John Waldron

Learn the basics of improvisational theatre. This class will help you with teamwork, spontaneity, and creativity. You’ll learn the basics of improv, and get to play some of the most fun and well known improv comedy games.

Dancing for Callbacks

With Katie Hudson

You made it through the initial audition and now the casting director wants you back! This time you’ll need to show your moves with the choreography that they teach you on the spot. What will you do with 2 left feet?! This class will help you with the basic dance steps so you’ll have the confidence to nail that role!


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